Frequently Asked Questions

What type of church is a Simple Church webpage suitable for?

A Simple Church webpage is a stylish single webpage which requires practically no maintenance.
If you are an active church with an active webmaster and have grand online ambitions, Simple Church is probably not for you.
Simple Church is particularly good for churches who have no one available to actively maintain a website. It can automatically display content from social media accounts and smartly display all the essential details from the Simple Church listing.

What places are eligible for a Simple Church Webpage?

Due to the official nature and ‘endorsement’ of Simple Church webpages, only officially recognised Seventh-day Adventist churches, companies and small schools or Mission offices, in the SPD can have a Simple Church listing and webpage.

How much does it cost?

It is fully subsidised and is at no cost to a church.

What features can a Simple Church Webpage have?

There is some default content which can not be changed and other content which can be set.
Default unchangeable content includes: Webpage Banner (several to select from – custom ability available soon), introductory paragraph and video about adventists, Adventurer and Pathfinder summaries (if your church runs a club).
Customisable content which can be pulled in to appear on the page: Facebook photos, events and news feed, Twitter tweets, Youtube channel videos, Vimeo Album videos, Podcast feeds and Mailchimp signup form,
Other customisable content includes: Links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Vimeo. Street address and map pin/location display, phone number, meeting times and descriptions, languages spoken.

What’s the downside of Simple Church Webpages?

For now, Simple Church only displays standard contact information and social media events, photos and videos. However we are working towards being able to allow users to add some basic content of their own.

Can I have a Simple Church Webpage without a Simple Church Listing?

No, they are linked together and each adventist church has to have a Listing.

Can I have a Simple Church Webpage if I already have an official external church website we want to keep?

No. Firstly, having more than one web presence can be confusing for people searching for you. Second, your Simple Church Listing can only point to one website.
If you have a good website that’s woking well for your church already, keep it. If not, close it and use a Simple Church Webpage as your main web presence.

What will be the web address of my Simple Church Webpage?

By default, it will have a base URL of [churchname] (e.g. We can also connect up your [churchname][au/nz/pg/etc] address (e.g. However you can also choose to have a custom domain (e.g.

How can I have an existing/custom web address point to a Simple Church Webpage?

If you own a domain, like, or have a etc address you have advertised, you can use those domains for your Simple Church webpage.

  • To use your independently registered name, please inform us when you sign up.
  • To use a [ChurchName][your country code] address, fill in this from.

How do I get a Simple Church Webpage turned on and connected to my Listing?

Fill in this form to sign up

How do I make changes to the details on my Webpage?

Fill in the form via the ‘Suggest an Edit‘ link at the bottom of your webpage.

Can I change the banner image on my Website?

Not currently, no. Sorry. Soon.

How do I add my social media / MailChimp to my Webpage?

Fill in the form via the ‘Suggest an Edit‘ link at the bottom of your webpage.

Why aren’t any/all of my photos/videos showing from linked Facebook/Youtube anymore?

It is probably because there isn’t any content that is less than six months old. To make sure these webpages don’t go out of date, we have a 6 month display duration limit for all photos and videos.

Can I have an email address or contact form on the Webpage?

Not currently, no. Sorry. Soon.

How do I close my Simple Church Webpage?

If you now have a web presence elsewhere which is better suited for your church than the Simple Church Webpage – great!! We can turn off your Simple Church Webpage, ask us here.

Where can I get more help?

Visit our support request page for all other issues.